Re-Opening? We Never Closed

This is Dr. Todd Levine. I am the owner of Aspire Family Dental. We have been open during this entire time of our national crisis related to the virus Covid-19. We have already safely provided care to many hundreds of patients. We thank both our many returning and new patients for allowing us to take part in you and your entire family’s dental healthcare. Even though we have now transitioned into treating patients for their typical dental needs, it must be remembered that we are under strict guidelines that are meant to protect both you and all of our healthcare workers. If you are contacting us for the first time in a while there is very important information related to being seen as a patient that you must know about. Most of the time we will not be answering the phones do to staff members helping out with the other required duties that are expected of them during this exciting time that we now all live in! We will of course call everyone back ASAP. Also, you will hear about our new digital Forms that will help speed up your dental care. Our entire Aspire Family is looking forward to seeing all of you again. In the meantime, please be safe and follow the recommendations that are being given by our Federal, State, and local governmental officials.


Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines in order to be seen for a dental appointment. It is required that all people entering the office must have a face covering that is approved by NYS on until you are instructed to remove it in the clinic area. If you are wearing gloves, you will need to remove them. You will be required to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer and possibly rinse your mouth with a solution to help kill germs which we will provide for you. Only patients who will be treated will be allowed to enter the building. In limited cases where there is a patient who is a minor, you may enter under the same guidelines until your child is brought back. You will not be allowed to enter the treatment area. There are limited times such as with a patient with physical limitations being allowed to have a caretaker entering the clinic area with them. Your temperature will be checked and you will be asked some medical questions that must be answered truthfully. You must be present for your appointment at least 15 minutes early to take care of needed paperwork and possible financial needs. I am highly recommending, where possible to do this electronically before coming in for your appointment. This can be done by our text messaging service we have or e-mails that are sent to you. This is important. If you do not arrive early enough, it is possible that we will not see you. You may have longer visits than you are used to because of the many layers of requirements we have. I am sure you understand that we now have many more tasks to complete just to see and treat you in the safest manner possible. If there is an opportunity to take care of other dental needs while you are at the office and a dentist is available, I highly suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity. We have a large backlog of patients due to the forced closure. It may take an extended period of time to have you back for a return visit until this backlog is eliminated. Due to limitations placed on us, we can only allow a minimum number of patients to stay in our waiting room. It is possible we may need for you to wait in your car until we are ready to bring you back into the treatment area. If you have any questions they will be answered when we call you for your appointment.


Aspire Family Dental has a lot of experience with making sure both our patients and staff are kept safe. Anyone who has been treated at Aspire will know that I have always invested in newer technology that is of value to our community. We typically see many hundreds of patients each and every day between our 5 office locations. We take pride in how we go above and beyond whatever guidelines that the CDC, ADA and NYS require of us. We are very good at our OSHA training and have many meetings with all of our employees where we review what is required. We then break down into smaller groups. Each of these groups review the same techniques and then go into more details for procedures that are more specific to the situations they normally deal with. We have logs for virtually all of our cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization procedures. Our sterilization equipment is checked every week by an outside company to make sure they are working as intended. Of course, we are using techniques that you have seen almost everywhere else and a lot more too. Here is partial list of what we are doing: We are keeping people at least 6 feet apart where possible, making sure everyone has a face covering on while in our building, checking temperatures of all our patients and employees entering the building, checking the temperature of all employees at the end of their shifts too, keeping the amount of patients to a minimum in the waiting room, encouraging patients to wait in their cars until they are called or have a text message sent, having patients wash their hands or using hand sanitizer when entering the building and at other times when needed too, having patients rinse their mouth to help lower the germ count down when entering the building, we removed all toys and magazines from the waiting room, having our staff that typically were not required to have personal protective equipment, now using them, cleaning repeatedly all commonly touched areas of the offices such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, desks, phones, keyboards, front office windows, waiting room chairs, tables, bathroom faucets, and so much more. Of course, we want you to continue to do your part to help keep everyone safe. If there is any chance you are sick, we do not want you coming in for your appointments. In fact, you will probably make a lot of people mad if you show up being sick for any reason! This means if you have any fever, signs of respiratory infection like coughing, especially a dry cough, runny nose, and difficulty breathing.  Also, if you have come into contact with any person that has potentially been infected in the past 14 days, you will need to stay way too. I mentioned before about how we are utilizing e-mail and text messaging services like never before. We now have the ability to send information and forms directly to your phone. You can now easily fill out these forms in the comfort of your house or car. Even when in our treatment rooms, procedures that require signed consent forms and post treatment instructions can easily be sent you. Everything is then automatically saved into your patient’s chart. There is really no way to mention everything we do that is meant to keep you informed and all of us safe. All members of our Aspire family take pride in the way we aim to be number one in our community in which we serve. I personally thank everyone for their trust and allowing us to serve you for all of your entire family’s dental health needs.

Ways to Contact us

First: The best way for us to stay in touch with you, is to click on one of the below links.  After selecting one of the below links, submit your request for an appointment. This is the fastest and best way which allows communication by email and text messaging.

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Second: You can request an appointment on our website by clicking on the below link.

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Third:  You can still call one of the below office locations and leave a voice mail. Most of the time we will not be answering the phones do to staff members helping out with the other required duties. We will call back as soon as possible.

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Thank you. Sincerely,

Todd R. Levine DDS, Owner, Aspire Family Dental.