My name is Dr. Todd R. Levine. I am the owner of Aspire Family Dental. Our entire family at Aspire Family Dental wants to thank you for your understanding with the limited services we are able to provide during these unprecedented times. Our focus it to protect our patients, staff and our WNY community in which we live.

Currently our offices are open for patients who are experiencing dental emergencies only. Since my staff are putting their health at risk, and we care about the community in which we live, we have instituted strict guidelines on who we will see.

Only patients who are experiencing dental emergencies will be allowed to be present in our offices at this time (minors will need one parent/guardian to be with them). Our office staff will communicate additional details when they are in touch with you.

If you are showing any signs of being sick (fever, coughing, difficulty breathing), we will not be able to see you. Please do not put anyone else at risk. You will need to go to an emergency room for treatment at this time.

While at our office location, we will have very limited seating to keep people spread apart. It is possible you might be asked to wait outside until it is your turn to be seen. We want you to know that we are constantly disinfecting all surfaces which are normal touched (like doorknobs, faucets, chairs, etc.) in addition to our normally followed operatory disinfection routines.

Patients are currently being seen for dental emergencies at:

Patients who make appointments and then don’t show up will NOT be seen again.

Dental emergencies include:

  • Pain
  • Possible tooth infection/abscess (need for antibiotics)
  • Dry Socket/ Suture removals
  • Recent Root Canal Pain
  • Broken teeth (with pain and / or infection)
  • Other issues which you will need to let us know

If you are having a dental emergency there are 3 ways to contact us:

First: The best way for us to stay in touch with you, is to you click on one of the below links. Use the link that is closest to where you will want to be seen. It is possible we will need you to travel to another office location during this national crisis we are all living though at this time. After selecting one of the below links, submit your request for an appointment. This is the fastest and best way and allows communication by email and text messaging.

5862 Snyder Dr, Lockport

476 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

1705 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls

484 Ontario St, Buffalo

554 E Robinson St, North Tonawanda

Second: You can request and appointment on our website by clicking on the below link.

Aspire Family Dental website appointment request

Third:  You can still call one of the below office locations and leave a voice mail. Since all of our offices are not continually staffed, this may have the slowest response time.

Lockport (716) 439-1877
Hertel ave (716) 877-3510
Niagara Falls (716) 284-0110
Ontario St. (716) 873-0681
North Tonawanda (716) 695-1137

Aspire Family Dental will keep everyone up to date of changes via text, email, phone and social media postings. Please stay safe and follow the recommendations that are being given by our Federal, State, and local governmental officials. Thank you. Sincerely,

Todd R. Levine DDS, Owner, Aspire Family Dental.