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What treatment options do we offer?
Can you help me understand some of the problems I am having?

We have virtually everything you will ever need to take care of your dental needs inside one of our High Tech Dental offices. It is a rare occasion when we would need to refer you to a specialist*. We have an overriding philosophy in our office. We provide you with the best in aesthetic dentistry and at a very competitive price. EVERYTHING we do is based on this. Whether it is cleaning or whitening your teeth, or helping you with gum treatments, your aesthetics are always on our minds. So is Making our Treatments as affordable as is possible!

We of course only use the best tooth colored restorations. If straightening your teeth to help bring out the beauty in your smile is what you need, we are here for you. If your Gums need extra attention, we have the knowledge and experience to help you. We make many different types of dentures for your convenience. Also, we do root canal treatments (believe it or not, this is one of the most boring procedures we provide.) and many kinds of surgical procedures (including all types of extractions and gum treatments) right in our offices. When it comes to GREAT looking aesthetics, you should see our crown (caps) and bridge work. Our lab technicians have AMAZING experience!

* Some insurances like Medicaid require Orthodontic treatment to be provided by a Orthodontist (if they would even cover the treatment in the first place).